The Waitrose NAAFI tent, situated at the Albany will be serving traditional tea and cakes all day. 

Kiya Ashton 11:00-11:45

This singer/songwriter is a frequent performer in Guernsey, sometimes venturing out to neighbouring islands, like Sark, as well as the UK. With influences of rock, folk and pop, she's crafted a multi genre sound to compliment the important and emotional subjects she presents in songs. Her tunes inspire deep thought, all whilst encompassing you in a floating bubble of relaxation.

Liberation Scenes 13:00-13:15

The Guernsey History in Action Group presents ‘Liberation Scenes’, 5 actors playing multiple characters denoted by changing hats!


Jim Delbridge 13:30-14:15


Liberation Scenes 14:30-14:45


Cobo Cabana 15:00-15:45

The Button Pushers 16:00-17:00

Please note timings are subject to change


The Liberation Day organisers would like to thank the following for their help and support:

The Bailiff’s Office, Government House, The Dean of Guernsey, Guernsey Post, Collenette Jones, On Screen Creations, The Guernsey Music Service, Max Wong, The Arts Commission, B Creative, Octopus Restaurant, filmmakers Martin Morgan, Chris Denton and Jane Holmes, Visit Guernsey, The Royal British Legion, BBC Radio Guernsey and The States of Guernsey Communications Team.